Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peace maker or Trouble maker ??

Last week I got an email, proudly announcing the arrival of "world Cyclist" Mr. Lok Bandhu Karki to Florida and stretching out the hands of warm welcome to him. We did not have any program during that time to invite him to Tampa over here, and I felt so bad for not being able to meet such a hero of our Nepalese community.

Yesterday, I got a series of emails, which shattered me from inside. A Nepalese, talking about Universal Brotherhood, has been trying to destroy the asset of respect, recognition and dignity earned and maintained by the Nepalese community of Florida by disrespecting, bad-mouthing and threatening them. He is none other than the so-called World-cyclist Mr. Karki. I also found out that he carries his cycle to everywhere and rides buses, trains, cars to reach to one place from another. ( he should be named a cycle carrier rather the cyclist)

I do not know him personally, do not know his motives, have not witnessed his temperament, however, I am glad that we did not invite him to Tampa and did not have any bitter experience. To make all of the readers of my blog know, about how people in Florida think about him, I am posting the email thread in my blog.

On Sep 9, 2010, at 3:22 PM, (Name Removed) wrote:
Dear All,

He started the world tour on bicycle in December 7, 2004 and after completing tour of 82 countries so far, he has arrived in Miami today. The tour started from four people. The first one left the tour after visiting 3 countries and died, second friend managed to visit 9 countries but died in a tragic accident in Laos. Third friend visited 12 countries but due to severe sickness, left the tour. He is the only one in determination of the world tour for peace from Nepal.
The purpose of the bicycle tour is to spread the message of World Peace and Universal Brotherhood and identifying Nepal to the world. By saying / stressing on No Stealing !, No Robbery!, No Rape, No Murder, No Kidnapping, No Bribery, No Corruption, No Blackmail, No Guns, No Bombs, No Suicide Attacks, No terrorism...... & No Discrimination on teh base of Colors, Religions, Castes / Tribes, Works, and Nationality. "We all are humans, creations of one god, every human is equal in the creator's (god) eye. We all are one in true".
 He wants to share the sweet and bitter experiences during his tour in Various countries. He wants to get some help from us to continue his journey. He has hundreds of appreciation letters and certificates from various organizations of the world. He will explain more by himself if we could manage some program not only in Miami but in whole Florida.

 Tentative Program,
 September 9 and 10 in Miami.
 September 11-12 in WPB.
 Orlando 13-14
 Tampa 15-16
 Jacksonville 17-18
 September 19th towards Georgia from Jacksonville.

 For more information, please feel free to contact him directly at his cell: 562-413-0729

On Sep 11, 2010, at 1:03 AM, (Name Removed) wrote:
Dear Nepalese of WPB and Beyond,

This  is my pleasure to announce the arrival of MR. LOK BANDHU KARKI the Cyclist from  Nepal for the World Peace & Universal Brotherhood in West Palm Beach tomorrow afternoon i.e., 09/11/2010 from Miami after receiving  a warm hospitality from Nepalese in Miami led by (Name Removed).

With the consultations of Friends and well-wishers here in WPB  on behalf of West Palm Beach Nepalese community I am organising a reception with  short interaction with Mr. Lok Karki jee at my residence here in WPB. This will be 1 hour interaction followed by pot luck dinner. If you are interested to participate in this event please call me.

Please join me in extending the Best wishes to Mr. Karki who has visited 82 countries for the mission we all love and care PEACE and together let us be part of his historical  journey and add a little push so that he reaches Orlando and beyond.

Program in WPB
SUNDAY 10 /12 2010     TIME 6:00 PM

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 6:00 PM, (Name Removed) wrote:

Dear All,
Mr. Lok Bandhu Karki called me (don't know how he got my number) last week and ask to come Miami and stay for couple of days. Despite my bad health condition, being a Nepali, I welcomed him by picking up from station and to my home and arranged time for him to say something during the Teej Event. The Students and participants helped financially accordingly, but instead of thanking the donors, he was fired towards us, and also tried to ruin the Teej Event. Still I gave him a good hospitality for two days, dropped him to the Rail Station, purchased ticket for him etc...
I feel bad to criticize on any Nepalese, myself being like a social worker and try to help Nepalese as possible. Now, he is calling me again and again and threatening me by saying I have to give him money back the amount that he has spend during his travel to Miami otherwise he will come to campus and attack. He also told me that "you are such a bad guy that now I came to know, all the WPB are saying how bad you are".
I looked back to myself, if I am really so. I could be, but I always welcome the comments so that I can be better in future. Otherwise, such comments really hurts. Anyway, I have a feeling that he is not a normal Nepalese with stable mental health.
May god help him to complete his mission in a good way. I still wish him the best in his future.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:
something more about him...
 If you have time,  you may take a look at his comments.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:
baigo dai, yesta tuchha sochai bhayeka manchhe harule kehi lachharpato laaudainan. Astiko Teej ko karyakram ma dekhayeko byabahar le laaj marnu bhayo hami sabai lai,  Saikal yatra ko nihu ma Deshko badnam garnu bhanda aru kunai dherai paisa aaune upaay rojeko bhaye pani hune ni yinle. Dai ma aru dherai lekhna khojdai thiye, Deepak ji le pathayeko link open garera Raj Gyawali ko blog padhe pachhi malai kehi thapna man lagena.... Baru Dai, Lokbandhu ko Cycle yatra ko nautanki  ko yethartha lai sametera euta lekh lekhi Kantipur, wa kunai National Daily ma po dine ho ki....

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:

We all witnessed his dissatisfaction over the $100+ support we collected on Teej festival in Miami but I am shocked to hear that he has been following up and harassing you. This is very unfortunate. First of all, my understanding is that he was an uninvited guest. Second, he should have been grateful to what we offered him. I never thought he would turn out to be like this. I did read some blogs, including the one in NY Times. Below, I copy a few sentences from the NY Times blog:

“I want you to write this, sir,” he said. “Nepalese in other country have been very generous, but in this country, they do not give.”

Surprising bluntness from Mr. Karki. “I’m sorry, but I need money to continue,” he said.

Had I read this before, I would not have donated him a penny. If he does not have money to continue, he has several options but demand.
1) Quit
2) Go to other countries where Nepalese are more generous
3) Find some charity organizations to support his tour

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:

I already knew this fact about this person and I talked this matter with Puru and Chola ji. I have already read the blog published in ny times and other blogs too. So he is really greedy person and looks like mentally unstable too. As Prem pointed out he has these options but I do not think that second option is possible for him because since most of the Nepalese in almost all counties have known or will  know his attitude by that time. But he can quit and return to Nepal any time.
So just do not care much about what this person thinks.

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:

Respected Team,
Shuva Prabhat!

With due respect I do agree with (Name Removed)regarding this Cyclist. (Name Removed) is a symbol of our Social status and we all are proud of him and no one can challenge his social status. Regretfully, I would like to add that we too had very bitter experience here in West Palm Beach because of this cyclist at my house.

I just want to say that this world  cyclist Lok Bandhu Karki  is NOT A PEACEMAKER BUT A TROUBLE MAKER!!

In line with my spirit to help everyone and my motto to all in need, I did extend my hands to welcome this cyclist and announced his arrival here in West Palm Beach and travel all over Florida via my mass email. 

Here I was  the one who took the initiative in organising the event and instead of thanking us he accused me of not informing and inviting everyone. He even had the courage to call me again and again to tell me that everyone he met in WPB  told him that " (Name Removed) is a liar."

Important  lesson is learned here, from now on we will not announce and welcome any individuals for JUST BEING  A NEPALI  until and unless we verify the individual's character.

Just would like to add that despite knowing his behaviour some generous people in Maimi and WPB helped him so if you all think you should help him as a Nepali you all can help him  but be aware of his  attitude. 

Always for the community,

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010  (Name Removed) wrote:

Dear all,


I got a oppurtunity to attend in reception event for cyclist Lok Bandhu Katki at (Name Removed) residence in west palm beach. At the  end, I have  the following conclusion,

1. In stead of honoring the letter of appreciation , which was presented to him with full signature by all attendees, he said" Yesta subhakamana , dhannebad ra prasamsa ko kagaj le ke garnu ,  mero cycle puncture hunda yesto kagaj le kehi garne hoina kyare, color ra lamination pani garera Dina nasakne."

2. In stead of following the laws, rules and regulations of a particular nation, he was bouncing continuously with the statement" Tapai haurele Aru Nepali lai bolauna pani nasakne ani malai uniharuko phone number pani nadine . Ma jimma linchhu bhane pachhi ke bho tapai harulai phone number dinalai "Meaning is we must provide him the cell phone numbers of all local Nepalese

3. He expressed his views clearly in a such a way that the local attendees must pay him at least to cover his expenditure including his cell phone , distribution of pamphlets , lodging and fooding., even it is not a invited sponsored deliberate visit.

4.He really had a habit to talk against others who just left them a minute ago.

5. He need to learn a lot in the sector of Politeness, way of mixing in a society specially in a new group as a guest ,presenting his mission to others and many more .

6. Now. At the end , I am feeling so unfortunate that (Name Removed) received a call from him as a threat and misbehavior.If J am not wrong, he is still in West Palm Beach son I request (Name Removed) to inform me if anymore such call from him.I can meet him and talk on your behalf  and myself.

Thank you all and sorry for writing the actual scenario against a Nepali brother who have a higher ambition and lower behavior.

(Name Removed)

After reading all these emails, reading the blog and reading Mr. Karki's comments on that blog, I am definitely not proud of him. What's your say ?