Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Dashain :)

Our biggest festival Dashain has already come on our door steps. Today is the first day. We all know that we worship “Navadurga” on Dashain, but most of us, do not know about the details of “Navadurga” (at least I did not). Hence I have tried to compile the details of Navadurga referring to various websites. I hope you will enjoy it.

The daughter of mountains “Shailaputri”  is considered as the embodiment of the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  She rides a bull.

She wears white “vastra” as a symbol of peace of mind. She is considered to be the way to “moksha”.

The Goddess riding a tiger and having ten arms is considered a symbol of bravery.  She has a half moon in her forehead in the shape of a bell. This is why she is called “Chandraghanta”.

The meaning of the name ‘Ku-shm-anda’ is as follows: ‘Ku’ = a little; ‘ushma’ = ‘warmth’; ‘anda’ = ‘the cosmic egg’. So she is considered the creator of the universe. The universe was no more than a void full of darkness, until her light spreads in all directions like rays from the sun. She rides a lion and has eight arms.

She is the Goddess of fire, riding a lion, having four arms and three eyes.  She is the mother of “Kumar” who is also known as “Skanda”.

She is the daughter of sage “Katyaa”, born to destroy the demons. She holds a sword on one hand and rides a lion.

Kaalratri is a goddess having dark complexion, uncombed hair and long tongue.  The flames emanate when she breathes.  She holds a sword on her hand to destroy the evil.  She bestows  freedom from fear and adversity.

Maha Gauri:
“Maha Gauri”, the Goddess as white as moon light is an eight years old girl. Her “vastra”s and ornaments are white and clean. She is intelligent and peaceful. She has three eyes, four arms and she rides a bull.

As her name, she is considered to be capable of giving all sorts of powers, accomplishments and glory.  She gives all the “siddhis” to the worshipers.  She seats on a lotus flower and has four arms.

May all these forms of “Devi”s fulfill your desires, bestow her grace on you all and bestow success on your every venture providing everlasting bliss and auspiciousness. May you have a wonderful Dashain.