Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My picks for the World Cup

June 19 Update: Spain is already out of the game, did not even make to the Round 16 !!  

Winners of Group Stage
Group A Winner –  Brazil                                    Group A Runner Up – Mexico
Group B Winner –  Spain                         Group B Runner Up – Netherlands
Group C Winner –  Japan                            Group C Runner Up – Columbia
Group D Winner –  England                    Group D Runner Up – Italy
Group E Winner –  France                       Group E Runner Up – Ecuador
Group F Winner –  Argentina                 Group F Runner Up – Iran
Group G Winner –  Germany                  Group G Runner Up – Portugal
Group H Winner –  So. Korea                 Group H Runner Up – Belgium

Winners of Round of 16
Brazil            , Spain, Italy, England,  France, Argentina, Germany   , Portugal

Winners of Quarter Finals
Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany

Winners of Semi Finals
Spain, Brazil                      

World Cup Champion
Brazil ( I would pick Spain but Brazil has the home-ground advantage) 

P.S: I am not a huge Football fan.. I just like to watch the World cup matches.. :)