Monday, May 12, 2014

Jaundice.. Jaundice..

It was one crazy day. Crazy in the sense that I used to be so busy that I did not have time for myself. No time to eat properly.. no time to rest. My life was all convoluted among the classes, assignments, assessments, projects and deadlines. Yes.. my busier yet super fun Engineering days..  :). I came back from the school, tired and hungry. My dad asked - "What's the matter ? You look sick" I said - "I'm tired..  just want to go to bed".. "खोइ यता हेर त " Dad said "ओहो आँखा त पहेंलै भैसकेछ, जन्डिस भो जस्तो छ जचाँउन गैहाल्नुपर्छ" . I was not ready to get sick, had so many other things to do. However, my mom and dad both thought I had Jundice, and I had no option but to go with Daddy to the Piyush Barshi Aushadhalaya in Asan.. Dad started his old Hero Honda and I rode along..

I have heard a lot of good things about that clinic. My post does not mean to offense anyone or anything, but that day when we reached there, the main "baidhya" was out of country and there was his brother/ son (not sure who) looking at the patients. I still wonder if he even knew anything about what he was doing.  On my turn, after listening to me and my dad about how I was feeling, the color of my nails and eyes and all, he hit hard slightly above my abdomen. It was quite a strong punch with his fist and I went "अैssया" :D. "ल हेर कलेजो पुरै सुन्निसकेछ, कस्तो दुख्यो, जन्डिसको औषधी चलाइहल्नुपर्छ मुख पनि बार्नुहोला " I was furious but quiet. I so wished I could hit him back and ask him if that hurt.. which was just a wish..  He gave the pouches of black pills, very hard to swallow , some yucky powder and a list of  things I should and should not eat. 

I did not say anything to him, but fought with my dad, of course. Being a "घर साँढे बन बिरालो ",  that was all I could do. I did not want to eat those medicines and wanted to eat the chicken curry mom made for dinner. I fought and lost, had to eat the most tasteless medicines and some boiled insipid food.  :(  

However, deep-down my dad also had a feeling that the diagnosis was not done right. He was right there after all. And he decided to take me for the blood test next day. I had no choice but to go with him.  The blood report came normal and I officially had no Jaundice, although I did have to eat those medicines and food I hated until we got the blood report. Yes I did not have any jaundice,  I looked pale because of the fatigue and dehydration.  

Its been almost 8-9 years but whenever someone talks about jaundice I still remember the hard मुक्का I got.